Official Voltron Jerseys Now Available

Voltron Hockey Jerseys 2012

The great people from WEP loved the Voltron hockey jersey design so much they adopted it as an official product. You can head to their official store website by clicking the image above or here.

They are selling for $130 each before shipping. Obviously that is $50 more than what Rinkgear and I were offering them for, but please remember: we were doing these non-profit. The price is also in line with the NHL and other geeky hockey jerseys, but those don’t come with name and numbers. So you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck. This jersey also features several embroidered crests.

The design you see above is the current offering. The name and letters are VOLTRON and 84. I hope to do more designs for Voltron hockey jerseys in the near future.


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  1. First person to take a picture wearing this with one blue sock and one yellow sock will live on in immortality.

  2. I got my Jersey today, it’s gorgeous!

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