Power Rangers Hockey Jersey Design

Power Rangers hockey jersey design by Dave Delisle

I only made the Red Ranger design, sorry (this template would apply to the rest of the team). The two white “diamonds” are supposed to meet at the middle of the back of the jersey, but they made reading the name and number difficult so reduced them to being under the armpits. No plans to make this available.

UPDATE: I will never ever make these available.

About Dave Delisle

Designer, Blogger, and Hockey Fan! Go Flames Go!

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  1. I think these need to be worn by the teams at next year’s NHL all star game. Eastern conference wears MMPR jerseys and the Western Conference wears the Voltron Jerseys. Thus settling the argument for best mecha combiner made of animals.

  2. your right on the logos but i think it makes the jersey look a little better no numbers also looks good as it lol if you do offer them i will be getting a green one lol to go with my tattoo lol

  3. Damn the creators, I would have bought all of them if they went into production.

  4. Since its the 20th anniversary of mmpr this year you should bring them back for just a month or two…id for sure buy them

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