Captain Planet Hockey Jersey Design

captain planet hockey jersey by Dave Delisle

About Dave Delisle

Designer, Blogger, and Hockey Fan! Go Flames Go!

Posted on March 22, 2012, in Geeky Jerseys, Hockey Jersey Design and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 11 Comments.

  1. Tom from Jersey

    Dave, you can just take all my money right now. Just take it all. I don’t care. I just want this jersey really bad!

  2. I love it. The captain patch is genius. I would buy one.

  3. That’s just straight up awesome.

  4. i need this jersey lol!!!! not want need lol

  5. Please please please please Green Lantern jersey PLEASE

  6. Have you considered doing a Dune related Jersey either House Atreides or House Harkonnen?

  7. I would definitely get both the Green Lantern and X-Men jerseys, they need a little retooling but they look pretty good.

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