Zelda Jerseys Are Done!

Zelda Hockey Jerseys 2012

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I am please to announced that the Zelda jerseys are complete and will be shipping out first thing next week! Isn’t it beautiful? I can’t type…eyes…watering…with…joy.

Thanks to all those who ordered for their patience, as these are slightly behind schedule. But look! Rinkgear embroidered the other two patches at no extra charge (originally these were going to be twill patches). That is super nice of them. That extra step added some time to production, but it just adds to the jersey immensely.

Great job Rinkgear! Thanks for all your hard work on these. Now people can take down the Water Temple in style.

Up next will be the Tardis jerseys, hopefully in the next few weeks. Looking forward to seeing those.


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  1. Any idea when the Voltron 2.0 jerseys will ship out to customers??

    • Voltron and Browncoats are in the middle of production (the base jerseys being assembled), so hopefully I can get a more definitive timeline for you soon.

      Again, good things can’t be rushed. Once that jersey arrives on your doorstep the time it took to make becomes trivial.

      • Thanks-so looking forward to this one! Love the designs keep them coming. Ive got an add on for MOTU ideas-Battle cat jerseys=Green, w/orange stripes,some sort of battlecat / heman swords crest in front. Just saying-things spew out when Im this excited about a silly hockey jersey! Good day all!

      • Actually I’ve never touched MOTU because another artist was making them with Rinkgear. I saw a cool Skeletor design he made (search back on Rinkgear’s blog), so I didn’t want to step on his toes.

        Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. I hope the Tardis jerseys turn out just as good! But I am hoping they ship really soon…

  3. Christ on a Cracker! another few weeks for the Tardis jersey!

    • The design proved to be more complex, but I assure you Rinkgear is hustling on these, without sacrificing quality.

      A few people are going to a Doctor Who BBC event in a few weeks, hopefully Rinkgear can get them done!

      • Sorry about my impatience. I truly am a child of the instant gratification generation. SO THIS WAITING IS REALLY HARD!

  4. Oh man, these look amazing. I hope mine arrives by PAXEast. I’m gonna rock it hard if it does. And everytime someone asks me where I got that awesome jersey, I know just where to send em.

  5. Glad to hear the progress, we’re nail biting a bit here, me and my girlfriend ordered together so one of each style, we’re still holding out hope the Tardis ones might arrive before C2E2, April 13, as John Barrowman is going to be there. I cannot imagine a better opportunity to where a Tardis jersey with the name “Harkness”

  6. Any plans for a second run of these. I didn’t find the site until after ordering was closed for these.

  7. jerseycollector

    damn I just found this site and missed out. I’m glad that there will be a second chance though so I’ll certainly stay tuned………….. p.s I just finished Skyward Sword!

  8. I never did get a confimation of shipping Email, did you guys? I’m just wondering if they had gone out as planned.

  9. Awesome! I’m stoked to get mine!
    Any chance you know the eta on delivery?

  10. I got my jersey on Tuesday. Amazing job. I don’t regret buying it.

  11. Gahhhhhh how can I get in on one of these? Will they be rerun?

  12. eighttrackcadillac

    Dave, Got my Jersey last Friday. It is amazing. Rinkgear makes some quality stuff. Going to be wearing it to Calgary Comic Expo for sure. 🙂 Thanks again for bringing this design to life.

  13. Oh man, so mad I missed this as I never heard of this site till a few days ago. So glad you’ll do a Zelda 2.0. Any idea how different it will be?

  14. The pics of the Link jersey look excellent! And in time for Christmas! Nice!

    • I guess I replied to an old thread. Just noticed the ‘old’ or original Zelda design and the one I’m pretty sure I ordered (2.0) which is the one I’m hoping for.

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