Mass Effect Hockey Jersey Design


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  1. I dig this. Really like how the black stripes interrupt the red stripe, looks like the N7 Armor.

    Nice work!

  2. paul zukauskas

    OMG please make this. I can guarantee 2 sales =)

  3. Where is the new AGoT jersey? 🙂

  4. Stop making stuff I want to buy! I’m still paying off that Zelda Jersey…

  5. I would have given Shepard a “C”, Commander has to count for something on the N7 rat league…right?

  6. I want this jersey – BAD. Already spent lots of $$$ on ME3, but I’d open up the wallet for this bad boy.

  7. Does it come with DLC? I kid, I kid. =D

  8. The Thrashers never looked this good. The powder blue just does not work in hockey.

  9. Take my money, take it now!

    • Sure! I’d love to make this available, but N7 is a licensed brand, and I’m trying to work with people in the know in regards to this. Chances are currently slim, but you never know!

  10. Kelley MacKinnon

    How can I obtain this

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