Not A Harry Potter Jersey Design

Gryffindor Potter Quidditch hockey jersey davesgeekyideas 2012

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The last few weeks I’ve been hounded to make this Harry Potter hockey jersey design available, because it was featured on Gawker. I’ve resisted doing so because I don’t want to draw the wrath of Warner Brothers (they have Batman) and J.K. Rowling (who is richer than Bruce Wayne) and so on. So I did my best to ignore the demand.

The last straw was when I was attacked by an owl yesterday, so message received*. I then set out to make a non-infringing design, which you see above.

Gone is “Gryffindor” which has been replaced by a single ‘G’, which could easily stand for Geek or Gangster (both apply to me of course). I also added a hubcap with wings – wink wink.

I think the logo would look awesome embroidered, even if it looked half as good as this Zelda crest I posted yesterday.

No plans for release just yet, though it is currently a candidate that can be made available in the next few weeks. Should it be made available, you could put whatever name (and number) you want on the back — just saying!

My question is, are you cool with the “Gryffindor” removed? Does it still invoke a certain house from a certain series of books based on a boy wizard? Let me know, I’m just trying to gauge reaction.

*Get it? Owl? Message received? Nevermind.

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  2. I like it Dave!
    I do miss the Gryffindor wording on there, but I get it! Better safe than sorry!

  3. I think it is perfect!!! I wouldn’t change a thing!

  4. The G reminds me of Gatchaman:

    It looks pretty sleek to me 🙂 and you made wonderful compromise.

  5. Need to add a lightning bolt as a twill patch on the tail 😉

  6. Any chance we could see a H, R, or S jersey to go with this wonderful G jersey? Obviously those letters were chosen at random while looking at the alphabet.

  7. Is the star twill?

  8. i do love this jersey if made avalible i would buy this in a heart beat

  9. JediMasterMatt

    Excellent design!

  10. I would definitely be board for an R jersey, because I’ve always been partial to the letter “R.” It was my favorite letter from Romper Room on…

    BTW, I am so looking forward to the delivery of my Tardis jersey!

  11. Not A Harry Potter Jersey Design, can i get this jersey but for snake, green and black house? Is that something that you guys have available to do?

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