Zelda Jersey Sneak Peek

Zelda Hockey Jersey Sneak Peek 2012 Nintendo davesgeekyideas davesgeekyhockey.com

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Last month I had an offer running for Zelda and Doctor Who jerseys, which are currently in production. Rinkgear sent me this pic of the Zelda crest which they are also sending me as a sample (not a complete jersey).

This is going into a frame upon its arrival and onto the wall.

It looks absolutely stunning, wouldn’t you agree? Amazing work by Rinkgear. Here is a bonus as well for those who ordered – the Triforce symbol on the back of the jersey will also be embroidered by Rinkgear at no extra charge (originally it was slated to be a twill crest). So awesome of Rinkgear to provide that.

Love the color of the green. Echos Green Bay Packers to me, which is great.

And for those asking: The Zelda jersey will be back in a few months, around May or June, haven’t really decided (they will look different too).

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  1. I’d love it if the Tardis Jerseys came back too.

  2. Looks amazing. Can’t wait. Of course… My order feels less special knowing that an updated version will be made available in a few months.

  3. Oh my…got a really bad case of WANT

  4. Can Not Wait!

    Also, go Packers!

  5. I wouldn’t mind if the TARDIS jerseys had a little bit of extra embroidery either. 😛

    Hoping they ship soon though! Must… Stay… Patient…

  6. Chris Cosentino

    What do suppose the likely hood of these getting to people for St Patrick’s day is?

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