Simpsons Hockey Jerseys

Simpsons Hockey Jerseys 2012 davesgeekyhockey davesgeekyideas

These are facsimiles of the jerseys Bart and Lisa wore in the classic Lisa on Ice episode, which aired back in 1994 (coincidentally at a time when FOX started broadcasting NHL games). You can read all about the episode here.

As you can see no logos, names, or numbers — just like the animation models from the episode. These plain designs make life a lot easier for the animators, I tell you whut.

There were logos in the episode on the boards and score clock for both the Mighty Pigs (blue jersey) and the Kwik-E-Mart Gougers (green jersey), but I decided not to include them on the jerseys, for the sake of authenticity. For Lisa’s jersey, I made the arm stripes go all the way to the collar, whereas her teammates the stripe only went to the shoulder for some reason.

I could make these unopposed by FOX, given their plain nature*. The question is does anyone want something so simple-looking?

*That’s why so many jersey companies sell plain uncrested NHL, NBA, and NFL (etc.) jerseys without a license; because the jerseys are simply a composition of colors and patterns. It’s the logos that are infringing and drive up the value.


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