Browncoats Hockey Jersey Design

Browncoats Logo Hockey Jersey

This is a design for a Browncoats jersey, which is based on this old Boston Bruins jersey. I know the orientation of the main logo may be subject to debate, but it looks better with the triangle pointing down and the star up. This orientation is similar to the San Jose Sharks/Pittsburgh Penguins/Anaheim Mighty Ducks logos, all of which are also triangular in shape.

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Designer, Blogger, and Hockey Fan! Go Flames Go!

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  1. Email me the instant these go up for grabs, I’m certain I will be wanting one if not two

    • Unfortunately there are too many interested people wanting specific items for me to stay on top of. I ask that you please check back periodically to see if they’re available. Besides, I have other designs and ideas you might like* – it’s worth the visit!

      *Statistically speaking.

      (To prevent you from spammage I deleted your e-mail)

  2. I like it, but it really bugs me that the star isn’t upside down. I know with the triangle it looks better to you, but I’d suggest playing with different shapes, or maybe have the flag be a big green/yellow stripe that’s on the front?

    PS I’m totally bummed that NBC/Universal nixed the BSG Jerseys, those looked awesome.

  3. OMG! this is beautiful man……

  4. Dave – you need to get your geek on. Browncoats??? my heart did pitter patter when I thought you were making some Firefly shirts!!! (love the shout out to my B’s, but really? FIREFLY!!!!)

  5. Karen, it is a Firefly jersey, the logo is the Independent Systems’s Flag…

    • I think she was hoping for a jersey based on the overall show, not a faction within the show.

      @Karen I usually try to incorporate something that works as a good team name, or works as a jersey (Zelda/Jurassic Park). I tried to brainstorm for Firefly, but nothing that really works (so far).

  6. KC — My geek cred is obviously low…

    Dave – I shall leave the awesome to others as the only name I could come up with now that I have thought about it is Reavers with Jane’s hat as a logo…

    • Reavers is actually a great name. But their identity on the show doesn’t translate well to an athletic jersey. It would be quite a macabre-looking jersey, that is for sure.

      Jayne’s hat is equally horrific, haha.

  7. My question is one since I am a fan of hockey and one of the genre of this sweater (jersey). Are these put on by a heat transfer or sewn on?

  8. What size do these come in? or can you get a specific size. I am interested in getting a couple of your designs but need to make sure they’ll actually fit 🙂

  9. Jaynestown Mudders! Please!

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