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Space Rangers 2.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Space Rangers hockey jersey 2014

Here is an update for the Space Rangers, which was offered a few years back. The original was great, but I wanted a cleaner and classier look for the 2.0 design. The nametag on the front was also dropped to make things easier production-wise for my bros at Geeky Jerseys.

Here is a mockup:

Space Rangers 2.0


If you’re interested in one, please sign-up for it here.

The NHL Transformed

Rodimus Prime Zamboni Transformers NHL

I love the NHL and Transformers, so I’m pleased to merge the two here. My intent is to celebrate Transformers lore, a few teams (like the Detroit Junkions and Pittsburgh Pretenders) aren’t intended to be jabs; in fact DET and PIT were among my first designs and helped inspire me to do the whole league.

A few of these aren’t to my personal liking either (PHI, COL) so maybe one day I’ll revisit them. And if time permits, I might add defunct teams too (QUE, HFD). For now I hope you enjoy!

Click To Enlarge:

Transformers NHL Hockey League


A few of these teams might become t-shirts from 80’s Tees too, so stay tuned for news on that front. Team and league posters might be a bit of a stretch, but we’ll see.

Galaxy Explorer Hockey Jersey Design

Galaxy Explorer Hockey Jersey

Here is an update of an existing design, this time with a more accurate blue, new space mission patch, and new tag on the back. Response to this design has been great so far, so look for it to be available for sign-up soon (check my Facebook or Twitter page for updates), and if that goes well an offer could happen.

Here is a mockup:

Galaxy Explorer Hockey Jersey

LEGO Hockey Jersey Designs

Lego Hockey Jerseys

Click To Enlarge

I posted these on Facebook and Twitter earlier today, and they got such a positive reception I thought I’d post them here (sorry If I’m spamming you with this).

One thing that is new: for the ‘Spaceman’ jersey I added shoulder patches that pay tribute to NASA’s famous Space Shuttle program logo. I was very happy to incorporate my favorite LEGO set of all time in the place of the NASA Shuttle.

No plans to release the red LEGO hockey jersey, but the blue Spaceman design is definitely a candidate for an offer down the road – minus the LEGO logo on the back (I can put something else there easily enough). Please like, tweet, and comment to help sway me into making it available.


LEGO Hockey Toys

Lego Hockey Toys NHL Dave Delisle 2011

Above: Tim Thomas (left) and Alexander Ovechkin. I chose Thomas because he always appears to be smiling like that.

As you know I love LEGO about as much as I love hockey. Oddly enough, I only have one LEGO item in my possession: a hockey player minifig from a few years back. As you can see, that figure looks more like a football player, with the cage mask and shoulder pads.

LEGO could’ve done better with that minifig. It just needed a simple helmet and clear plastic visor, like LEGOvechkin up there. It would be like a car racer or astronaut helmet sans chin strap. In LEGO’s defense, they probably felt compelled to add accessories, hence the football shoulder pads.

Saying that, I feel a line of minifigs based on NHL players would be awesome. Of all the sports, hockey would translate best to LEGO. Because at a passing glance, a minifig with a helmet and stick is so readily identifiable as a hockey player.

I’m sure you are currently saying something along the lines “What are you rambling on for, Dave? WANT. Gimme gimme gimme!” I would love nothing more than to make these toys a reality for you. While you could probably make a skater easily enough with existing parts, a goalie would require many unique parts:

Lego Hockey Toys NHL Dave Delisle 2011

Unique hand pieces, stick, helmet, and pads. So LEGO or a third party company would have to make these molds.

One thing I should mention, is that actual LEGO NHL minifigs wouldn’t look this detailed. They usually just apply a decal to the front and back of the torso, and that’s it. No wraparound graphics. At least you’d have the team logo on the front, and name/number on the back. Additional decals could be added to the arms and legs.

Also if you check out that goalie stick, I made a bend so the hand can grasp it. An actual NHL goalie did this as well (just 2 bends not 3, looked like this), which was genius because he didn’t have to turn his wrist to hold onto the stick. This was an 80’s/90’s goalie. Anyone recall who?

So how can we get these made? Write a letter to LEGO? The NHL? The NHLPA? I’d say none of the above. I believe the answer is McDonald’s Canada, which has done many promotions with LEGO toys and released numerous NHL collectibles over the years. Sadly they don’t have an e-mail contact but you can call them or send snail-mail. Details here.

Here is hoping these see the light of day eventually.


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