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Night’s Watch 2.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Crows Night's Watch Game Of Thrones

Night's Watch Crows Logo Dave Delisle

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It’s been almost 2 years since I last posted a Night’s Watch design! Last time I centered the design around the ‘Rangers’ and featured an impaled White Walker. This time the design is all about the Crows.

House Greyjoy 2.0 Hockey Jersey Design

House Greyjoy Krakens Hockey Jersey Dave Delisle 2014

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The first Greyjoy design was a hit with fans of the Ironborn, but it wasn’t popular enough to warrant being offered. As part of my recent initiative to spur popularity for other GoT Houses that aren’t House Stark, I’ve given the Krakens a makeover.

I went with black, which is a popular choice for folks (on the other end, people seem to loathe white jerseys). I also chose Vegas Gold to help give House Greyjoy a differing look from House Baratheon. The end result is something I hope is as striking as the Direwolves.

Here is a mockup:

House Greyjoy Krakens Hockey Jersey Dave Delisle 2014

House Greyjoy is still a longshot to be offered. They are not as popular as Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, and Baratheon. Hopefully one day it’s offered.

House Lannister 3.0 Hockey Jersey Design

House Lannister Sigil Lion Crest Logo 2014 Dave Delisle davesgeekyhockey

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I mentioned a few weeks back that I’d get a bunch of new Game of Thrones designs out the door, but I’ve decided to take my time on them to ensure the quality of the designs are in line with the recent Direwolves jersey.

For House Lannister I went with a bit of a departure from the 2.0 design, going with a red home jersey. I jettisoned the ‘Lions’ moniker because it was too short a name to be spread atop the main logo, so I went with Casterly Rock. The main logo also features a full-body Lion instead of the head profile. Here is a mockup:

House Lannister Sigil Lion Crest Logo 2014 Dave Delisle davesgeekyhockey

My only worry is that it looks too fancy. I know how immature my readers are, and I don’t want to alienate them. Why am I voicing my concern? I don’t think anyone reads this stuff. They just look at the pictures and move along. I just feel so used.

My hope is to get this and Baratheon 2.0, Greyjoy 2.0, and Night’s Watch 2.0 (those last two are still being worked on) posted on Geeky Jerseys’ homepage soon. I’m hoping to attract more interest in GoT designs that aren’t House Stark, which is an uphill battle; the Starks are so synonymous with winter, and thus suited for a hockey jersey.

House Baratheon 2.0 Hockey Jersey Design

House Baratheon Hockey Jersey

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UPDATE (March 16th 2014): In light of recent feedback I have changed the Baratheon jersey to black. A lot of folks don’t care for white jerseys, and I can’t say I blame them.

Here is a mockup of the jersey:

House Baratheon Sigil 2014 Dave Delisle

Original post as follows:

House Baratheon Sigil Hockey Jersey

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In light of the recent Direwolves 6.0 turning out so perfectly, I’ll be updating some older Game of Thrones-inspired jerseys to match the more recent designs. The Baratheon/Royals 2.0 design gets a deeper gold, new front logo, and new shoulder patches. New fonts for the name and numbers too.

House Lannister and House Greyjoy will also be getting updates in the coming days, and I’m still working on a new Night’s Watch design as well (no ETA on that).

These won’t be immediately offered, instead they’ll be listed in the By Demand section on the Geeky Jerseys homepage. My hope is to spur more interest in other Houses, because right now only House Stark is a sure bet to be offered on a regular basis.

I don’t mean to disappoint folks, but my design focus will be on the top five houses (Stark, Baratheon, Lannister, Targaryen, and Greyjoy) and Night’s Watch. Other houses like Martell and Tully are not on the radar for the foreseeable future.

There are many people asking for other houses to be offered (like Targaryen or Lannister), but it’s very difficult to accommodate everyone currently. Gone are the days when I could offer 2 or 3 GoT designs at the same time. Geeky Jerseys now only offers 2-4 hockey jersey designs a month to ensure quality, and the big hitters like Doctor Who and Star Wars usually grab all the available spots. If folks sign-up for designs in the By Demand section, Geeky Jerseys will offer that design.

Hopefully that clears things up a bit! Sorry if you’re waiting on your House to be offered.

House Stark And House Targaryen Hockey Jerseys

House Stark Direwolves Hockey Jerseys 2013

House Stark Sigil Direwolves Hockey Jerseys 2013

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The sixth iteration of the Direwolves jersey is here! Looking back at the 5.0 version you can see quite a few differences in the new design. New primary logo, new shoulder patches, new back patch, new number font, and a return to the classic LA Kings jersey style. The shoulder patches get a “true sigil”, which is a full-body grey Dire Wolf dancing against a white field, along with the house motto.

The new back patch is the league logo, and it features the “You Win Or You Die” slogan. The slogan is intentionally watermarked because A) I didn’t want the design to be too wordy B) it’s something that should be appreciated upon closer inspection, and C) I don’t want schools to ban this jersey! Besides, I want the League name to be the emphasis.

House Targaryen Hockey Jersey


House Targaryen Hockey Jersey

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This is the 3rd iteration of the Dragons jersey. I got rid of the grey and opted for a New Jersey Devils look, minus the black shoulder yoke. A new logo and new shoulder patch round out the design. I know I’ve been promising Targaryens for some time, that’s because I’ve had a design done since March — even sent it to Geeky Jerseys. But I wasn’t happy with it and cancelled it. I really like this design, glad I was able to refine it these past few months.

House Greyjoy Hockey Jersey Design

Game Of Thrones Design by davesgeekyhockey

A design for house Greyjoy that is a combination of a scuba suit and an actual octopus (there are 8 yellow legs extending from the shoulders).


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