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Mudders And Crusaders Hockey Jerseys Are Now Done!

Crusaders Batmobile-Inspired Hockey Jersey 2013 Dave Delisle geeky hockey jerseys

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I am pleased to announce that Rinkgear has completed work on the team orders for the Crusaders (a design inspired by the ’66 Batmobile), and the Jaynestown Mudders. They’ll be shipping out this week for those who ordered.

I’m a little biased, but that Crusaders jersey might be Rinkgear’s best work ever. I certainly appreciate their efforts here; I was worried they’d have trouble lining up all the stripes. However they knocked this one out of the park. Awesome work, Rinkgear!

No plans for an encore of the Crusaders design.

Jayne Cobb Jaynestown Mudders Browncoats hockey jersey 2013 Dave Delisle geeky hockey jersey

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Next up is the Jaynestown Mudders! It was offered in tandem with Browncoats 3.0, which was completed last week. It looks like something Jayne Cobb would wear with pride. So very shiny.

Another work of art by Rinkgear! No ETA on when this one or the Browncoats will be offered again, but you can sign up to be notified by email at (find the designs in the ‘Geeky Goners’ section).

I think this jersey would look great with a Jayne hat, which you can find at Thinkgeek for $25 — should you have a hankerin’ for Jayne attire.

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Justice League Hockey Jersey Designs

Justice League Hockey Jerseys DC Comics

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I have already made designs for all of these characters, but decided to give them a new coat of paint and assemble them all in one place. Wonder Woman gets an all-new design, Superman now has a contemporary logo, and the remaining get minor tweaks.

The only way any of these are made available is if I do a Kickstarter to raise funds to procure an apparel license from DC Comics, so not very likely! Sorry.

Things That Make You Go Vroom!

Batmobile BLuth Stair Car Herbie A-Team Van Hockey Jersey Dave Delisle 2012

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A quartet of designs bearing a car theme: The A-Team van, the Bluth Stair Car, Herbie The Love Bug, and an Adam West-era Batmobile. I guess the previous post got me in a gearhead mood!

I’d love to make these available but they are all happily married to large corporations at the moment.

UPDATE: Completed the Batmobile design!

Batman Batmobile Logo Hockey Jersey Design

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Dark Knight Rises Hockey Jersey Design Part 2: GCPD

Gotham SWAT Shield

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Part 1 here.

UPDATE Aug 31/2013: I updated both of these designs. Nothing major, just better proportions, different striping. Original post as follows:

The real beauty of this design cannot be appreciated until that shield is embroidered in silver. But for what it is, it looks decent. I saw that “GCPD” logo on Gordon’s collar in the film, and I thought that would make for a nice detail.

Here is a bonus “squad car” design, a template which could be used for just about any police department:

Gotham City PD

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Dark Knight Rises Hockey Jersey Design Part 1: The League Of Shadows

League of Shadows Ninja Logo Dark Knight Batman 2012

UPDATE: I’ve given this design an overhaul. Go here to check it out.

This jersey serves but one purpose: to allow its wearer the ability to boast “I AM The League of Shadooows!” followed by Mwa-Hahahaha of course.

Some will point out this Ninja-inspired design is more in line with Batman Begins, and isn’t at all related to The Dark Knight Rises. To that I say there were authentic Ninjas in the film; you can tell because you couldn’t see them at all. Ha. The League was represented in the film, and I think their logo would warrant a Ninja above all else.

Quite happy to finally do a Ninja-themed jersey. I know that meant a mostly black color scheme, but that is their way. The logo is low-contrast, to intentionally conceal the Ninja therein. It’s a stealthy look overall.

I usually don’t promote my other blog here too much, but if you like this you’ll dig the Blu-Ray case I designed for the trilogy.

Batman Hockey Jersey Design

Batman Logo Hockey Jersey Outerwear Geek Dave Delisle Designer 2012 DC Comics

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Some of you might complain how simple this design is, and y’know that’s cool. Took me a few minutes to make this in all honesty. But this is what appeals to me: simple-looking geek jerseys that would look like normal team jerseys at a glance. Some people like jerseys that are drowning in tribal tattoo or air-brushed art, I just prefer original six simplicity.

For this Batman design (I imagine there will be many more down the road), I employed the main crest from The New Batman Adventures, and used a color scheme from the Adam West era. The result is a Detroit Red Wings-inspired number. Read the rest of this entry


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