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EA NHL 16-Bit Figurines

Originally posted on Dave's Geeky Ideas:

EA NHL 16-bit figurines

When I was a kid I used to own the Wayne Gretzky Overtime table hockey set. Every hockey player, including those that came with the table, came with a little stand so you can display them when they’re not affixed to the table.*

I mention these table hockey players because they were small and fun to collect (and even customize). I’m hoping that one day a similar approach could be taken with NHL players from the EA 16-bit era (NHL Hockey 92, NHLPA 93, NHL 94 – NHL 97). These small figurines would be a blast to collect.

*These stands were great because you can snap them together to make a big team stand. A similar approach could be used for the EA figurines too.

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House Baratheon 2.0 Hockey Jersey Design

House Baratheon Hockey Jersey

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UPDATE (March 16th 2014): In light of recent feedback I have changed the Baratheon jersey to black. A lot of folks don’t care for white jerseys, and I can’t say I blame them.

Here is a mockup of the jersey:

House Baratheon Sigil 2014 Dave Delisle

Original post as follows:

House Baratheon Sigil Hockey Jersey

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In light of the recent Direwolves 6.0 turning out so perfectly, I’ll be updating some older Game of Thrones-inspired jerseys to match the more recent designs. The Baratheon/Royals 2.0 design gets a deeper gold, new front logo, and new shoulder patches. New fonts for the name and numbers too.

House Lannister and House Greyjoy will also be getting updates in the coming days, and I’m still working on a new Night’s Watch design as well (no ETA on that).

These won’t be immediately offered, instead they’ll be listed in the By Demand section on the Geeky Jerseys homepage. My hope is to spur more interest in other Houses, because right now only House Stark is a sure bet to be offered on a regular basis.

I don’t mean to disappoint folks, but my design focus will be on the top five houses (Stark, Baratheon, Lannister, Targaryen, and Greyjoy) and Night’s Watch. Other houses like Martell and Tully are not on the radar for the foreseeable future.

There are many people asking for other houses to be offered (like Targaryen or Lannister), but it’s very difficult to accommodate everyone currently. Gone are the days when I could offer 2 or 3 GoT designs at the same time. Geeky Jerseys now only offers 2-4 hockey jersey designs a month to ensure quality, and the big hitters like Doctor Who and Star Wars usually grab all the available spots. If folks sign-up for designs in the By Demand section, Geeky Jerseys will offer that design.

Hopefully that clears things up a bit! Sorry if you’re waiting on your House to be offered.

Reavers Hockey Jersey Design

Reavers Logo Firefly

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A new version of the Reavers hockey jersey, good enough to compete against the Browncoats and Mudders if I may say so. I could almost start a Firefly league.

Degrassi Hockey Jersey Design: The Panthers

Degrassi Hockey Jerseys Canada 2013

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The Canadian equivalent of Calumet High! Well, not exactly. Degrassi is something of an institution north of the border, thanks to the current iteration of the show. However I’m saluting the version of the shows from my childhood, Degrassi Jr High and Degrassi High.

This is a hybrid of the soccer team uniforms and the school sweaters. I replaced “Junior High” with “Hockey” for the shield logo.

I got Netflix this month and I’ve been re-visiting the show, and I have to say it still holds up pretty well despite its age. Now when will Beachcombers hit Netflix?

Star Wars Hockey Jersey Design: The Astromechs

R2D2 Logo Astromechs Logo Hockey Jersey Star Wars 2013 Dave Delisle

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After some 200+ designs on this year-old blog, I’ve finally created a Star Wars design. I present the Astromechs, an R2-D2-themed jersey. I’m out. *drops mic*

Cadillac Hockey Jersey Design

Cadillac Logo Hockey Jersey Design 2012 Dave Delisle Chevrolet GM

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I’ve already branched out into shoes, so why not cars? I chose Cadillac because they have a very hockey-friendly logo. The same could also be said of Dodge, Porsche, Lamborghini, and Alfa Romeo, among others.

This harkens back to a Mustang-themed jersey I did a long time ago (not going to link to that disaster), where I enlisted a grill pattern for a mid-torso stripe.


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