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House Greyjoy 2.0 Hockey Jersey Design

House Greyjoy Krakens Hockey Jersey Dave Delisle 2014

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The first Greyjoy design was a hit with fans of the Ironborn, but it wasn’t popular enough to warrant being offered. As part of my recent initiative to spur popularity for other GoT Houses that aren’t House Stark, I’ve given the Krakens a makeover.

I went with black, which is a popular choice for folks (on the other end, people seem to loathe white jerseys). I also chose Vegas Gold to help give House Greyjoy a differing look from House Baratheon. The end result is something I hope is as striking as the Direwolves.

Here is a mockup:

House Greyjoy Krakens Hockey Jersey Dave Delisle 2014

House Greyjoy is still a longshot to be offered. They are not as popular as Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, and Baratheon. Hopefully one day it’s offered.

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House Lannister 3.0 Hockey Jersey Design

House Lannister Sigil Lion Crest Logo 2014 Dave Delisle davesgeekyhockey

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I mentioned a few weeks back that I’d get a bunch of new Game of Thrones designs out the door, but I’ve decided to take my time on them to ensure the quality of the designs are in line with the recent Direwolves jersey.

For House Lannister I went with a bit of a departure from the 2.0 design, going with a red home jersey. I jettisoned the ‘Lions’ moniker because it was too short a name to be spread atop the main logo, so I went with Casterly Rock. The main logo also features a full-body Lion instead of the head profile. Here is a mockup:

House Lannister Sigil Lion Crest Logo 2014 Dave Delisle davesgeekyhockey

My only worry is that it looks too fancy. I know how immature my readers are, and I don’t want to alienate them. Why am I voicing my concern? I don’t think anyone reads this stuff. They just look at the pictures and move along. I just feel so used.

My hope is to get this and Baratheon 2.0, Greyjoy 2.0, and Night’s Watch 2.0 (those last two are still being worked on) posted on Geeky Jerseys’ homepage soon. I’m hoping to attract more interest in GoT designs that aren’t House Stark, which is an uphill battle; the Starks are so synonymous with winter, and thus suited for a hockey jersey.

Hellboy Hockey Jersey Design

Hellboy Demons BPRD Hockey Jersey Design 2014 Dave Delisle

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Hellboy/BPRD was a popular request on the Facebook page a few weeks ago, and I am happy to finally oblige. I enjoyed the films (and animated films), but that’s the extent of my knowledge about the character, so I hope this passes muster with Red’s fans.

I channeled the Stockton Thunder logo for this design, with the color palette of the Ottawa Senators. The khaki main body with BPRD shoulder patches represents Hellboys overcoat. The red forearms also represent the character.

I’ll probably revisit the design to add a back neck patch (the unused logo doesn’t sit well). I know the NHL doesn’t do this (unless you think the Reebok logo counts), but I like to add geeky tags to all my designs.

No plans to sell this ever, Mua-hahahahaha-ha!

Busters 4.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Busters 4.0 Hockey Jersey Design

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I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here! Thought I’d make the name font skinnier, and the number font a bit similar to the recent Stay Puft jersey. The numbers are also moved off the sleeves so I could add more visual interest to the arms. All numbers are black now.

I’d like to go on record saying I did play around with this design. Stuff like red numbers with black outlines, elbow patches,  fake zipper patches, and so on. Ultimately I followed my mantra: keep it simple. After the Link 3.0 experience I felt it best to evolve the design yet remain true to what folks liked before.

Busters 4.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Keep an eye on my Now Available page in the coming weeks for news regarding this design.

Link 4.0 And Shadow Link Hockey Jersey Designs

Link 4.0 Hockey Sweater

Link 4.0 Hockey Jersey Zelda

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Time for a new Link design! Some folks weren’t entirely enamored with the Link 3.0 design, mainly my decision to use blue forearms and a lighter green. I was trying to emulate this character design, but alas it didn’t work. The 3.0 was still a hit, but not the homerun I was swinging for.

So I decided to bring back the green and brown from the 2.0 design, but this time I added Vegas Gold to echo the trim in this character design. I then changed the font to match the recent Direwolves jersey, which turned out perfect.

Shadow Link

Shadow Link

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Shadow Link has been a popular request, so I mirrored the 4.0 design (of course). It looks evil alright! Read the rest of this entry

Catching Fire Hockey Jersey Design

Hunger Games Catching Fire Hockey Jersey Dave Delisle 2014

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As a tribute to the excellent Hunger Games sequel, I made this design based on the uniforms worn by the film’s combatants. At the last minute I removed the 75 and District 12 logos for a cleaner look; also I thought it would helpful to keep this jersey district-neutral for now.

While the film applauds “rogue” fashion designers, this design won’t be offered by yours truly. However if your team is interested I might be able to help you out with your private order.

I did a design for the first film as well.


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