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Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen Hockey Jersey Design

Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen

A Ren & Stimpy hockey jersey? How completely random. Not much to say here, I lifted the Mountie uniform and flags from the cartoon and blended them together. No maple leafs are present, something I used to think was impossible for a Canada-centric design.

Zero plans to release this, it’s just for a laugh. However if a beer league team wants to use it that would be awesome!

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Resident Evil Hockey Jersey Design

Resident Evil STARS Raccoon City

I’ve received several requests for design that revolved around Umbrella Corp., but I hope this S.T.A.R.S design will do in the meantime. I made home and away sets to accommodate the many different badges worn by Raccoon City’s finest.

I’ll probably come back to this design one day, as the R.P.D. symbol on the front was used as a last resort (despite being faithful to the character designs). I just felt another police shield on the front was overkill (even with the gold badge removed).

No plans to release this one, sorry.

Final Fantasy Baseball Jersey Design

Final Fantasy Baseball Jersey Design

I guess I’m an artist affected by temperature! I can’t bring myself to do hockey stuff nowadays, but baseball? No problem there. So here is yet another baseball design, this time for Final Fantasy. Team Chocobos is obviously based on the St. Louis Cardinals, though I could have tackled another bird-based team just as easily (like the Orioles or Blue Jays).

No plans to release this one, I posted this just for fun.

Mega Man Baseball Jersey Design

Mega Man Baseball Jersey

At the risk of losing my Canadian citizenship, here is yet another baseball jersey design. This time it’s for Mega Man, a video game icon beloved by everyone except Capcom.

I am one of the few who likes to address him as “The Blue Bomber”, so I decided to use that as a team nickname (Winnipeg already does). I slapped on a few 8-bit sprites and voila, a very nice powder blue jersey in my esteemed opinion.

To complete this jersey a long-sleeve royal blue shirt would be worn underneath to replicate Mega Man’s forearms. A blue ballcap too maybe? Nah.

No plans to release this, but I will see if there’s a t-shirt to be had with my friends at 80’s Tees.

Samurai Jack Baseball Jersey Design

Samurai Jack Baseball Jersey

Samurai Jack has been off the air for 10 years, and it feels like a tie-in movie has been in development for twice that, but I digress. I’m a big fan of the show, so I’m happy to finally post some sort of tribute here.

I wasn’t able to use Jack for a hockey jersey, however his outfit is a better fit for a baseball jersey. His eyes reflecting off the sword will look cornball to non-fans of the show, but his eyes being framed like that is one of the show’s big calling cards.

No plans to offer this one, mostly because Samurai Jack is not as popular as I would like (a lot of folks still haven’t heard of it).

Official Voltron 2.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Voltron Hockey Jersey 2014

The second officially-licensed Voltron hockey jersey features a new front shield, gold numbers, and thinner stripes. A lace-up collar has also been added. I really dug the gold color of the cross and crown of the Masterpiece Voltron toy, so I added it everywhere possible.

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