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Inside Out’s Fog Horns Hockey Jersey Design

Inside Out Fog Horns hockey jersey by davesgeekyhockey

This is 100% Pixar’s design from the film Inside Out, I only added the name and numbers (the jersey was blank in the film). I haven’t seen the film yet, but I do like the design, which appears to pay tribute to the Mighty Ducks logo from the films.

I also dig the seafoam green, which isn’t exactly a common color in sports design.

No plans to offer this, because the massive merchandise machine that is Disney will have this covered in some form. At least, I would hope so.

Papers, Please Hockey Jersey Design

Arstotzka Hockey Jersey Design 2015 by davesgeekyideas

I’d like to think that Arstotzka has a national hockey team, one made up of army personnel (much like Russia’s Red Army squad), playing against rivals from Obristan and Kolechia. These are all fictional countries from the game Papers, Please.

The jersey is Arstotzka’s flag, with design cues from several Russian national jerseys. The M.O.S. seal stands for Ministry of Sport. I couldn’t work in the motto Glory To Arstotzka anywhere, so I might have to come back and revisit this design down the road.

I don’t know if there’d be enough interest to offer this design (my efforts to recommend the game always fall flat), but if there is maybe I can ask the game’s creator, Lucas Pope, if he’d like to green-light a limited run.

Kingsman Hockey Jersey Design

Kingsman Secret Service logos by davesgeekyhockey

Kingsman: The Secret Service is the best film I’ve seen this year (and that includes Avengers 2). For the main logo I used “the boar standing on a pie slice*” from the signet ring (middle), with Guinness Beer-style text for the team name, and three crowns to represent King Arthur. The striping echos the parachute jump suits. Read the rest of this entry

Battle Cats Hockey Jersey Design

Greyskull Battle Cats logo by davesgeekyhockey

As part of my ongoing quest to sully every NHL team’s branding, I went and geekified the Florida Panthers with Hulk-Cringer.

Been sitting on this one for a few years, unfortunately it didn’t move forward as an official item. Also it won’t be offered by Geeky Jerseys either. However if a rec league team wants to run with it, I can donate the design in exchange for a team pic.

I will be doing a few more MOTU designs soon, that’s a property I’ve neglected far too long.

Slurm Hockey Jersey Design

Slurm logo by davesgeekyideas

For this retro Slurm design I was inspired by the “Pepsi Bottlecap” design used by the Buffalo Bisons (and later by the Buffalo Sabres). If you’re looking for the Planet Express design, head here.

Here is a mockup (you can sign-up for it here):

Slurm logo by davesgeekyideas

Stockton AHL Hockey Jersey Design

Stockton AHL Team Logo Design by davesgeekyideas

If you follow hockey you might be aware of the relocation of several AHL and ECHL teams that will happen this summer at the behest of some western-based NHL clubs. The Calgary Flames are setting up their AHL team in Stockton, CA, where they will be known as the Heat. They recently unveiled their logo and jerseys.

The Heat designs are not all that interesting to me, mostly because it’s an extension of the parent club’s branding. After thinking it over I decided to do my own take for Stockton, one that has a geeky influence (of course).

I present the Choppers! This team design pays tribute to Sons Of Anarchy, a show that was set in northern California. The name alone is highly symbolic of motorcycle culture as well. Like the Heat logo I opted for a large ‘S’, this one comprised of two sickles being swung by Death in a playing/tarot card layout. He is literally chopping, get it? Moving on…

I made Death as PG-13 as possible to appeal to the NHL overlords, so I concealed his jaw. I could make him friendlier, like the Milwaukee Admirals logo, but I prefer the current Skeletor look. Perhaps down the road I will make a full-on SAMCRO version of the logo.

The flaming-C shoulder patches pay tribute to Calgary, but could also stand for Choppers. I used the Florida Panthers jersey template as well, hence the lack of a waist stripe.

Yikes this got wordy! I was going to launch into a diatribe about how all these clubs aren’t being imaginative enough with their re-brands, but I’ll save that for another day.


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