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Direwolves 7.0 Hockey Jersey Design

House Stark Hockey Jersey by davesgeekyideas

Here is the 7th edition of the popular Direwolves design. Geeky Jerseys wanted to do a “silver variant” of the design (like the gold variant for Voltron last year), so I came up with this.

New stripes this time, so hopefully folks who avoided the previous 6 designs because of their LA Kings look will be on board for this one. New shoulder patches and a back patch that is a stylized “W”/crown for Westeros. The back patch is my riff on Adidas, so if we ever did football kits that would be the go-to logo.

You can grab it now until the end of November (arrives late Jan/early Feb 2016):

House Stark Hockey Jersey by davesgeekyideas

Right now the plan is to make this a one-time special edition (like the aforementioned Voltron jersey), and revert to 6.0, but plans change so we’ll see what happens here.

BTTF 2’s Miami Baseball Jersey Design

BTTF2 Miami Baseball Jersey Design by davesgeekideas

It’s playoff time, and is there a geekier/timely nod to the 2015 World Series than Back to the Future 2‘s depiction of a Cubs win over Miami? So I thought I’d draw up a uniform for the fictional Miami team (the Gators?), which as many of you know preceded the MLB’s expansion into Florida with the Marlins and Rays in the mid-90’s.

Just so this screams BTTF2, the front of the jersey is essentially the same as the billboard image: the Alligator mascot standing in front of the word Miami. I had to fix the right leg and ditch the painted look of the logo. MLB and World Series patches were added to mark the occasion. The Gator is wearing a blue hat, so figuring the players do too, I added blue trim to the sleeves. It’s a weird color scheme.

No plans to release this, but you can get your hands on a Pepsi Perfect soon, if you can afford it.

X-Files Hockey Jersey Design

X-Files hockey jersey by Dave's Geeky Hockey

UPDATE (January 7th, 2016): thought I’d update the X-files design to be a bit more colorful and fun. The video game Space Invaders was influential here. The Truth is in there… somewhere.


Skeletor And He-Man Hockey Jersey Designs

He-Man/Skeletor hockey jerseys by davesgeekyideasA pair of new He-Man designs for your eyeballs today!  Thought I’d do something different and base the characters on their toys rather than the animation models, and I think it looks rather striking (at least for Skeletor).

He-Man/Skeletor hockey jerseys by davesgeekyideas

The team names, Overlords of Destruction and Defenders of Grayskull, are placeholder for the MOTU logo, which I removed because gradient logos look bad on sports designs in general. ALSO, the team names are perfect for rock bands, but I have already called dibs on both (and I don’t even sing or play an instrument).

I don’t know if these can be offered at the moment, we’ll see.

If I got to do an elevator pitch for a new He-Man cartoon, it would be a comedy in which all conflicts are now decided by professional wrestling. It would have the same kind of “awkward bro” humor that Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill champion in their films, with lots of over-the-top smack talk. Purists are gonna hate, but there’s an absurdity to both the original cartoon and the WWE, so I feel combining them would deliver a lot of comedic gold.

Flying Hellfish Hockey Jersey Design

Flying Hellfish by Dave's Geeky Jerseys

Here is a military-style Flying Hellfish design. I left the shoulders bare so enlisted folks can add their own rank patches if they want. The arm stripes were made to look like a rank chevron in a way. Let me know what you think.

This was an update after feedback from many folks wanted the military green, here is the original.

Corner Gas Hockey Jersey Design

Corner Gas Hockey Jersey by davesgeekyideas

I’m Canadian (sorry), so once in awhile I’m compelled to show off my hoser-ness with a design that screams CANADA. This jersey celebrates the TV show Corner Gas and its Saskatchewan setting.

The ‘S’ patch pays tribute to the Roughriders (here’s another take), and the Dog River patch is a riff on the shield from Saskatchewan’s provincial flag. The jersey layout is based on the gas station uniform.

No plans to offer this one, just wanted to branch out with something different. Before you ask: no, I don’t watch Trailer Park Boys or Lost Girl, so I couldn’t tackle either of those.


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