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Browncoats 4.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Browncoats Firefly Hockey Jersey 2014

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Trying something new here for the Browncoats! I’ve opted to use the brown from their actual uniforms, and I enlisted the logo with black trim, which resulted in adding black to the color scheme too. The goal was to make a hockey jersey that a military would wear, hence the black name bar and patches that look like flags or ranks.

The neutral brown color really fought me here. I tried many different color combinations for the numbers and stripes, but ultimately I had to limit the use of yellow to the patches, and the white lettering was the only way to provide some contrast

For comparison here is the 3.0 version. Let me know what you think of the 4.0, as a Browncoats offer in the near future is likely.

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Monty Python Hockey Jersey Design

Monty Python Holy Grail Black Knight

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It’s been a month since I posted a hockey design! Sorry about that (I am Canadian, get used to many apologies). Anyways I hope you like this design for Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I chose the Black “flesh wound” Knight because everyone prefers dark-colored jerseys.

The design features a chain mail pattern on the arms and the side of the torso. I added a red trim for some much-needed color.

We might be able to offer this one if there is enough interest, so please like, tweet, and comment to let me know.

Time Lords Baseball Jerseys Anyone?

Time Lords Baseball Jersey

Another baseball post, but this is one that many of you have been waiting for. My friends at Geeky Jerseys have made this Time Lords sample jersey, and it looks pretty spiffy if I may say so. I changed the numbers to match the Tardis 4.0 hockey jersey, other than that it’s the design I posted last year.

So would you be interested in grabbing one? The same name and number customization would be offered. A price point is TBD, but I’m hoping they’d be cheaper than hockey jerseys. Let me know by liking, tweeting, and commenting.

Lastly a special thanks to Geeky Jerseys for making this jersey and taking these first steps towards branching out into other sports. Exciting times are ahead!

Hill Valley Baseball Jersey Design

Hill Valley High Slackers Strickland

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And my first-ever Back To The Future design for this blog is a baseball one! And why not, baseball feels more old-timey than hockey in my opinion.

Initially I wanted to do a caricature of Principal Strickland, but I opted to enlist Elmer Fudd, and he looks great as a sports mascot. Also the Looney Tunes character is very anachronistic to the 50’s, and I’d like to think the students at Hill Valley would use Elmer in the same rebellious fashion.

As for the lack of pinstripes, sorry but those look better on white jerseys. Also my readership has an aversion to white jerseys, so the above design reflects what I hope people would want to wear*. Also I decided to use a Yankees-style logo instead a baseball script logo (seen above) for a change of pace. The logo can be interpreted as an H and a V, or H-V-H, or 2 H’s (not sure why you’d want 2 H’s!).

*Hopefully Geeky Jerseys will have some news on baseball jerseys soon. And when that happens I’ll probably revisit this and other baseball jersey designs.

Grab Your Own NHL ’94 Chair Mat

NHL 94 Chair Mat davesgeekyhockey

Last year I designed this chair mat based on NHL ’94, and it proved to be a hit with many folks. My friends at ES Robbins made the chair mat sample which became famous on Puck Daddy.

Until now there was no way to allow others to get their own, but I’m happy to announce that ES Robbins has created a brand-new DIY website where you can upload your own image and buy a custom chair mat for $88 with free shipping (US Customers only). Read the rest of this entry

MST3K Hockey Jersey Design

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Logo

By popular demand, here is a Mystery Science Theater 3000 design for the many dedicated fans of the show. I thought it best to do a riff on the Lego Spaceman design from way back.

I don’t think this would ever be offered, as it falls under the Universal Studios’ no-fly zone.

Special thanks to the folks from my Facebook page for choosing MST3K, and to several people for offering up suggestions (like the Gizmonic and Deep 13 patches).


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