Game Of Thrones-Inspired Jerseys Are Back!

House Stark Sigil Hockey Jersey

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House Baratheon Sigil

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I haven’t offered new Game Of Thrones-inspired jerseys since July! Been a long time coming, sorry for the wait. You can find them here at Geeky Jerseys. $95, you pick the name and number. These are available until February 28th, they’ll arrive mid-April.

Making its jersey debut: House Baratheon. I feel bad it took so long to do something for them, mostly because Targaryen, Lannister, and Stark have already had multiple jersey offerings. Better late than never!

For Baratheon I decided to name them ‘Royals’ because it’s an established sports nickname, and compliments the crown-wearing Stag nicely. I went with a Boston-style jersey to match the sigil colors. Several people have asked ‘why not green for the primary color?’ and the answer is because it would end up looking like the John Deere logo, so I had play it safe. I also chose the white away jersey because House Stark owns the black look.

Speaking of which, the Direwolves get a radically different looking logo this time out. Instead of the usual silhouette I opted to make a detailed-looking logo, which should look amazing when embroidered. The jersey also gets a few tweaks regarding stripe and number placement.

Both jerseys get a sigil back patch, featuring the motto.

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  1. Great designs! Any plans for another Night’s Watch offering in March or so?

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