Wolfram And Hart Hockey Jersey Design

Wolfram & Hart logo Hockey Jersey 2012 Dave Delisle davesgeekyhockey Dave's Geeky Hockey

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Thought I’d venture into the Buffyverse today with this Wolfram & Hart design, which features the company wordmark. No team nickname, this being more of a company team design. Something I didn’t know is that Hart is an old expression for deer, which is a relief. Thought I’d have to put a bloody heart or a valentine heart in there somewhere!

I have a few more Whedonesque-designs in the pipeline, so stay tuned for those. In the meantime, there are Browncoats and Mudders jerseys available for purchase.

Bonus designs!

Freakazoid lofo Dave Delisle davesgeekyhockey.com Animaniacs WB

Sure, why not Freakazoid? Most superheroes translate to jerseys pretty well, and that applies here. Very Flash-ish.

Man, this blog sure is random. Tomorrow it could be The Tick or M.A.S.K. or Kidd Video or The BOTS Master.  You never know what you’re gonna get (but I’ll say right now Forrest Gump is a never).

Wayne Gretzky ProStars Cartoon Hockey Jersey 2012 Dave Delisle davesgeekyhockey

A Gretzky jersey! Those who aren’t NHL fans (I envy you right now) have probably heard of Wayne Gretzky. But I imagine not too many of you know of the cartoon series called ProStars which featured Gretzky, Bo Jackson, and Michael Jordan. It was on TV for only a few months. The jersey above is an approximation of Wayne’s outfit in the show. It looks like a practice jersey but its wearer will gain a lot of cred, especially from those who have a fondness for obscure marketing vehicles from the 90’s.

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  1. I want that Wolfram and Hart. Take my money! Take it!

  2. Wolfram&Hart all the way!!

  3. +1 on wanting that Wolfram & Hart jersey (though I’d like the front better if it was just the logo w/o the words)

  4. That Wolfram & Hart logo is sheer badassery.

  5. Can you make the Wolfram & Hart jersey for sale? Please? Pretty please?

  6. I *might* make this available if there is plenty of interest. Share on Facebook or Twitter. I break easily.

  7. Want wolfram and hart!

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