Some Updates

Star Fox Dukes

1. Some sad news: due to lack of interest, the Star Fox and General Lee-inspired jerseys will not proceed to production. Those few who ordered will be issued refunds in the next few days from Rinkgear. For those who don’t know, we need a minimum of 10 jerseys ordered to proceed.

This is the first time I’ve had to cancel some designs, so my deepest apologies to those who had their hearts set on getting one. I was really pumped about getting both myself.

The offer got a lot more word-of-mouth and promotion than the previous two offers combined, and had a longer order window, so I was optimistic these would stick the landing. I hoped the Star Fox jersey would be a nice follow-up to the Zelda jersey, and the General Lee design felt like a homerun. Again sorry to those who ordered one. Maybe in the future I’ll test the waters with these designs again (or a variant of them), so please stay tuned.

2. The Game Of Thrones poll has concluded. The three designs will be the Stark Direwolves 4.0, Targaryen Dragons 2.0, and the Night’s Watch. In light of the recent cancellations I will be putting a bit more polish into the designs, so I’ll need a few more days before I can post them and get an offer up and running.

3. Sequels!  I get many requests for Tardis, Browncoats, and Zelda jerseys. They will get a 2.0 coat of paint and will be available in the coming weeks. I am just debating whether to lump them altogether with the new Thrones offer. SIX designs at once – makes me nervous. Worst-case scenario I hold off until June to drop them.

4. Delays. The recent delays for the Browncoats, Targaryen, and Direwolves were caused by a bunch of emergency orders that had to jump the queue (including some Voltron jerseys needed for C2E2). Rinkgear assures me that going forward they will be honoring a 6-8 week completion estimate. Apologies for any inconvenience the delays may have caused you. For the recent Star Fox/Potter/Dukes offer a good amount of pre-production was done to speed things up, which I will do for all offers going forward.

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  1. Oh, that’s a shame…Well, there are still many more to look forward to, especially the Night’s Watch! I am soooooooo down for one of those!!! Keep up the great work!

  2. As brilliant as the Dukes jersey was, I still couldn’t picture anyone having the stones to wear it. Cant wait to see your Night’s Watch Deisgn, Dave.

  3. Any idea at this point on whether the Nights Watch jerseys will have the option of a captain’s C or an ‘A’?

  4. Tardis! Tardis!! Tardis!!!

    It made my day to see that we’d get another chance to get one since we missed them last time! <3

  5. Would have been nice to hear the news of the delays from Rinkgear directly. Their “updates coming shortly” replies now make sense. Had they been forthcoming, I would have been more patient. It annoys me when companies feel that can’t be honest with their consumers. They lose more repeat business when they try to be sneaky & dishonest.

    • I’d like to believe there is a disconnect between their production and customer service. All I can say for sure is they are a small operation just starting out — there will be growing pains. You are right: transparency is the best policy. Everyone prefers to be notified of a delay, rather than be left guessing.

  6. The thought of you offering 6 jersey’s at once makes me nervous to! Considering the delays on existing orders and all.

  7. Dave, I feel like you should probably clarify your relationship and involvement with Rinkgear a bit to save you some headaches. I understand that you come up with the designs, but you also broker the offers on your website. You have referred us to Rinkgear after orders are placed for inquiries, which makes sense, since that is who brokers the transaction. Yet, you actually provide the accurate updates on the orders, and Rinkgear can be “Illusive” as others have stated. So it’s hard for people to know what to do because there are some mixed signals.

    I hope you get something out of this deal with them as well.


  8. Yeah – the lack of an update is a bit problematic. As someone who ordered a Direwolves, a Voltron and a Tardis, I’m _assuming_ that Rinkgear’s waiting until they’re all done to ship. Or maybe the Tardis is taking over a month to arrive internationally because they sent it sea mail (doubtful, given the price). But who knows?

  9. Just to let you know I ‘m not holding you responsible, and I am adult to enough to realize these things happen but from 6-8 weeks to 13 weeks is a hell of a gap. At this rate I’m gonna get their Hunger games jersey for my Wife before I get my Browncoat’s jersey. Sigh I feel better now. I guess I will just continue to wait patiently…

    • Completely understandable. All efforts are being made to provide better estimates and earlier warnings for delays. I applaud your patience, trust me it will all be worth it when it arrives. Your biggest problem will then be people trying to steal it.

  10. ulldarborealis

    yah don’t put 6 out at once they add up, looking at another browncoat/tardis/Stark Direwolves 4.0, Night’s Watch spread them out I think you would get better sales

    just my 2 cents

  11. Glad to see there’ll be another round of Zelda. Any ideas on how different it’s going to be? Something in the vein of Wind Waker would be sweet. Like that lobster tunic he’s wearing early in the game.

  12. Got my Browncoat jersey today!!! Can’t wait to try it on . It looks great!

  13. I was waiting to see if the Thunderbirds design went ahead

    • I’m afraid there is not enough interest currently. I’m not too happy with the front logo, so one day I will revisit Thunderbirds with a bit more gusto (as Stan The Man would say).

  14. Excited to see the Browncoats 2.0 jerseys once they’re complete! I was led to this site just after the first one’s order period had run out, and I would do just about anything to get my grubby little hands on ‘em! :D

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