Direwolves 3.0 And Voltron 2.0 Sneak Peek

Game Of Thrones Hockey Jerseys Voltron crests Dave Delisle Geek Designer www.davesgeekyhockey.com

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Rinkgear has sent me a few pics of the crests for the currently-in-production Direwolves 3.0 and Voltron 2.0 jerseys. Not only do they look amazing, but this is further proof that this isn’t some fly-by-night operation. Though I still have a suitcase packed in case there is a revolt.

The Direwolves is a new non-infringing logo that is 100% embroidered this time (2.0 was a mix of embroidery and twill), while Voltron gets the embroidered treatment this time, as 1.0 was entirely sublimated.

I am quite impressed with the Voltron one, as I forgot to specify shiny metallic for the grey colors, but Rinkgear has my back. Right now the crest is reflecting light, which is why the blue looks so aqua. Makes for a nice safety feature if you are out at night.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Browncoats and Targaryen Dragon crests.

For those asking, Game Of Thrones jerseys will be back in late April/early May. Voltron jerseys will no longer be available here.

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  1. “Voltron jerseys will no longer be available here” then where?

  2. Just found this randomly and am definitely wanting one of the Direwolves jerseys! Ready to pay right now for one….

    • Brand new to this site and just figured out these are only available for a limited time. Subscribed and can’t wait for both the Direwolves and the Zelda jerseys to return. I for sure plan on ordering both. Keep this up PLEASE! Love love love it.

  3. wouldn’t mind having some of these designs on a hoodie either

  4. When will the jerseys be available again ready to order :)

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