Next Trio Of Jerseys Sneak Peek

Star Fox Harry Pawter Dukes Of Haz Zard Hockey Jerseys

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The next three jerseys to be made available have been selected, and they are Star Fox, Harry Potter, and Dukes of Hazzard-inspired designs. All the front logos shown above are final, and as you can see they are an improvement over what has come before.

I hope to have the offer running in the next few days. The best part: Rinkgear has a merchant site running now — I am just waiting on them to create listings. Should be as simple as buying something off Amazon now. Order confirmation! Woo!

Crests will also be made larger for the larger sizes (Adult XL and up).

Game Of Thrones jerseys will sit on the bench for the next month or so. I know I said that I wanted to make something available this month, but I’m getting the impression there is a lot of wallet-fatigue from those buying GoT jerseys, so I will hold off for now. Besides, I am only 3 weeks removed from the last GoT order. They can take a break.

As for those wanting Planet Express and Mass Effect jerseys, I’m afraid I can’t offer them. But I am trying to go through proper channels to make it happen.

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  1. Awesome for these jerseys! :-) :-( for Game of Thrones Jerseys.

  2. I like the bow and arrow on the Dukes logo.

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