Game Of Thrones Hockey Jerseys: Direwolves And Dragons UPDATE: Order Window Is Closed

Direwolves hockey jerseys 2012 Geeky Hockey

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This order is now closed. Stay tuned for more Game Of Thrones-inspired hockey jerseys in the coming weeks. Thanks to those who ordered!

No ETA on when the Direwolves jersey will return, it is such a popular item. I’m thinking next Winter.

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  1. The GoT designs are awesome because they included the house name or a play on it. Direwolves is obvious, but dragons are everywhere in fantasy. I liked the crest better when it featured Targaryen.
    I’ll be scraping together couch cushion change for the Direwolves… Do you think “Winter’s Coming” will fit? =)

  2. As The Emperor would say….”Do it!”

  3. I love the addition of ‘ Dragons’ to the new Jersey! Especially due to the ‘O’. Nice touch, matching it with the ‘O’ in Direwolves.
    Thanks! I will be ordering one of those for sure…..Then patiently – and anxiously – waiting for THE NIGHT’s WATCH jersey next month!

  4. Very cool, I vowed I would not miss ordering when they came back, so order placed!!
    Lets see the Night Watch design,,,may have to order another…

  5. well, I’ll need to see it first,I’d have picked up a Dragons jersey had its colors been reversed-too much red for my tastes, looks sharp though-just wouldn’t on me

    • It was a design call – the logo didn’t really stand out on a black jersey – kinda blended in.

      I was a little handcuffed by the sigil description too – red dragon on black field. Best to make a design that compliments it.

      Obviously every design is subjective and won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m looking forward to this one. Has a rugby flavor to it.

  6. Does this design of the Direwolves jersey NOT include the NHL-esque shield on the back that says “Winter is Coming” ?

    • No – after a recent Cease and Desist I am extremely hesitant to include ‘Winterfell’ or ‘Winter is Coming’ or trademarked imagery (NHL Shield). Gotta keep it vague. Heck, I’m nervous just for using “Game Of Thrones” in the title and using character names on the jerseys.

      Again this is all non-profit. But until I can get some indication it’s okay from the companies (HBO and GRRM), I’ll keep the designs simple for now.

      However I am seeing a ton of T-Shirts out there use Game Of Thrones slogans and references. I don’t know if these T-Shirt companies have licenses or what.

      If anyone can confirm for me it is cool to add ‘Winter is Coming’ that would be great. I would then update the design.

      • I highly doubt any of these people have obtained licenses for any of the GoT related merchandise they put up. I would understand though changing the shape of the crest, the NHL is probably far more litigious than GRRM.

  7. TARGARYEN looks the best to me for team title! These are really cool and I will also be scraping change out of the couch for one or if hidden treasures I may find- both of these great jersey designs. Awesome as usual.

  8. Any update on whether ‘Winterfell’ and ‘Winter is Coming’ can be added? It would really add to the jersey design

    • Not yet. Though I’ve had really no time to research the matter. If anyone can tell me it’s okay to use, that would be appreciated.

      If there are any changes or edits to the jersey’s design I will showcase it, much like the updated Targaryen logo above.

  9. Dave, why do you tempt my wallet so!?

    On a side note, how does the design-to-production process work? You mention changing the design. Will there be different versions of these produced depending on the current design when ordered? Or do you gather the orders first, settle on a final design and then go to production?

    Keep up the awesome work!

    • What happened was I had 2 previous runs of Direwolves jerseys, and they both featured a ‘Winter Is Coming’ patch on the tail. After a recent cease and desist order for another jersey I removed the patch out of fear of legal trouble. But after some checking the slogan patches will be reinstated in some form.

      So everyone will get that added patch, regardless of when they ordered. I just don’t have the time at the moment to sketch it up and update the posted design. But I intend to soon! Thanks!

  10. Shame about the youth sizes… :-(
    My wife will be upset. She likes to have them nice and close fitting! She wears it more like a shirt than a jersey.

    • The smallest youth size was only 10% smaller than the Adult Extra Small. The other two youth sizes were not much smaller than AXS.

      I’m of the opinion AXS would do the job, but I am not going to recommend what sizes a girl should wear. I want to live.

  11. Just discovered these, cant believe how awesome they are I want to order all of them! But I’ll probably have to hold out for a Lannister jersey. Hey Dave, any chance at a Rohan jersey in the future?

  12. Alright, order placed,invoiced,paid,card charged-Any idea when Rinkgear will be shipping these?

  13. By the by I’ll second the notion on LoTR jersies

  14. Any chance of a Hunger Games jersey? That logo in gold on a jersey with some kind of fiery red or orange as the primary would look sweet.

    • That’s actually a good idea. I really like the logos they use, and I am not a fan of the books (yet to check them out). Perhaps one day I will post a design. No ETA on that though.

      • A Hunger Games jersey… I would love to see the ideas you came up with for that. I have a huge Hunger Games fan in the house.

  15. “Winter is Coming” and “Fire and Blood” patches now added.

  16. These are awesome — but I need a House Clegane jersey with every fiber of my being.


    Okay — I’m calm.


    Keep up the great work!

  17. LOL A “lace collar”? Like this?

    You might want to reword that as “lace-up collar”.

    Anyhoo…great concept. Can’t wait for my Direwolves jersey.

  18. i so want one. i cant believe i saw this a week late.

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