Fallout 3 Baseball Jersey Design

Fallout 3 Vault Boy Logo by Dave Delisle

A baseball jersey design in December? I’m a weirdo, what can I say. Anyways, I’ve gotten many requests to do something Fallout-related (almost as many as something called “Deadpool”), so I’m happy to post this for y’all.

I imagine most of the requests were for a hockey jersey, but that vertical stripe on the front doesn’t work on a hockey jersey, so apologies for this compromise.

On a related note, I appreciate the continued patience by those waiting for baseball designs to be offered. Logistically speaking Geeky Jerseys is ready to make them, we just ran out of baseball season this year to put up an offer. Please hang tight until this spring! In the meantime you can sign-up for a few baseball jersey designs on the GJ website (in the “By Demand” section).

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Hockey Jersey Design: The Ravagers

GOTG Ravagers Logo by Dave Delisle

The Ravagers from GOTG are essentially space pirates, so that was the direction I ran with. I did my best to capture the unique wing design from their ships for the main logo. Some could argue the main red should have a purple tint (like the outfits in the film), but that would look so drab, y’know? Here is an alternate take for the numbers.

No immediate plans to offer this one, because the Ravagers’ insignia (shoulder patches) might attract Marvel lawyers.

Jaynestown Mudders 2.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Jaynestown Mudders Canton Hero hockey jersey

Here’s an update to the ol’ Mudders jersey! I wanted to make the logos and numbers stand out more this time, hence the inclusion of black and gold. All of the logos are new.

Here is a mockup:

Mudders Hockey Jersey

Why all the updates to old designs, you ask? If listings are parked too long in the ‘By Demand’ section (on the Geeky Jerseys’ homepage), then I will do my best to spruce them up. I’ve recently tweaked designs for Monarchs, Spartans, Dwarves, Space Rangers, Crusaders, MAD, and Ballsy too. I will be doing a few more in the coming weeks as well.

UPDATE: You can now sign-up for this jersey here.

Space Rangers 2.0 Hockey Jersey Design

Space Rangers hockey jersey 2014

Here is an update for the Space Rangers, which was offered a few years back. The original was great, but I wanted a cleaner and classier look for the 2.0 design. The nametag on the front was also dropped to make things easier production-wise for my bros at Geeky Jerseys.

Here is a mockup:

Space Rangers 2.0


If you’re interested in one, please sign-up for it here.

The NHL Transformed

Rodimus Prime Zamboni Transformers NHL

I love the NHL and Transformers, so I’m pleased to merge the two here. My intent is to celebrate Transformers lore, a few teams (like the Detroit Junkions and Pittsburgh Pretenders) aren’t intended to be jabs; in fact DET and PIT were among my first designs and helped inspire me to do the whole league.

A few of these aren’t to my personal liking either (PHI, COL) so maybe one day I’ll revisit them. And if time permits, I might add defunct teams too (QUE, HFD). For now I hope you enjoy!

Click To Enlarge:

Transformers NHL Hockey League


A few of these teams might become t-shirts from 80’s Tees too, so stay tuned for news on that front. Team and league posters might be a bit of a stretch, but we’ll see.

Quad City Mallards Design Contest Entry

Quad City Mallards Logo

The folks at HJC are running another jersey design contest, this time for the Quad City Mallards. Thought I’d submit this pugilistic duck design, a homage to the Mighty Ducks, Daffy Duck, and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I will be rolling out a bunch of Transformers designs tomorrow or Wednesday, and I refined the recent James Bond design and will be putting together listing art for that soon, so stay tuned for that.


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